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"This too shall pass" - Inspirational jewelry

About Inspirational Silver Jewelry Collection


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This Inspirational Jewelry Collection is meant to provide you or your loved ones with support and inspiration as you are navigating through the waves and winds of the daily life.
To those magical contours, rooted in ancient beliefs, you can add your own words of comfort, encouragement or inspiration.


What you say:

About "This too shall pass...":

Absolutely love this magical mystical? story. I have a Jewish Spinning Ring that I got specially for my Birthday. I fully intend to get "Gam Ze Ya'avor" inscribed on it. How would we fully recognise, embrace and appreciate Joy if we had not experienced Pain.


Marianna, Since I heard the story about king Solomon's ring (with "This too shall pass" saying) for the first time, I was looking everywhere to buy such a piece for myself. Thank you for the ring and for all the background I actually thought this sentence is related only to the darker moments, but in fact our better times will also pass). We'd better enjoy them while they last!

About "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it":

The gift was for my daughter who is going through a divorce right now. This saying is mantra right now so when we saw your necklace she jumped at the chance to get it. Thank you so much for what you do. The necklace is lovely. Thanks from both of us.



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