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"This too shall pass" - Inspirational jewelry

About Zodiac Talismans Jewelry


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Zodiac Jewelry is the new fashion of the day. The qualities and elements of your Zodiac Sign define many of the attitudes you project in life. Welcome to my collections of astrological talismans!

My first collection was designed in the Stone Age Petroglyphs style:

Each pendant features:
 - Zodiac sign
 - Ruling planet (s)
 - Zodiacal, planetary or talismanic gemstone
 - Key Sentence for the Zodiac Sign.
The combination of those elements is believed to create a positive energy field, vital for the well-being of the bearer.


My second collection is new and at the moment it consists of a few Zodiac signs talismans.
Each talisman has an element sign - Earth, Air, Water or Fire - corresponding to this particular Zodiac, with gemstone drop attached. This gemstone is either talismanic or planetary gemstone. The Zodiac sign is hand-drawn on the fine silver element shape. The talisman is hanging from the star dust sterling silver bail.


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