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"This too shall pass" - Inspirational jewelry

Frequently asked questions

back to top1. What is Fine Silver Jewelry??? Is it different from Sterling Silver ???
Fine Silver Jewelry is made of pure (at least 99.9%) silver - unlike the widely available Sterling Silver (which has about 92.5% silver by weight, the rest being mostly copper).

Copper hardens the silver pieces, making it so much easier to make different shapes (rings etc) from Sterling Silver, using standard metalworking procedures. Ultimately, that allows to make thousands of identical pieces at very low cost.
On the other hand, Fine Silver is much softer and so requires special and more time-consuming techniques to make a jewelry piece. For this reason, only a handful of masters devote their time to creating jewelry in Fine Silver.
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2. What material do you use?
I use Precious Metal Clay (PMC) - a clay-like medium which consists of fine, pure silver particles and a viscous binder. After heat treatments (sintering) in a kiln, the binder evaporates and the piece contains only silver (99.99% pure, or better). Selecting the right temperature and duration of firing allows to control density of the silver jewelry. I generally prefer PMC3 grade of the silver clay, which is well suited for making a dense (non-porous), low-tarnish silver jewelry.
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3. Does Fine Silver tarnish with time?
Yes, Fine Silver jewelry may tarnish with time, although it will usually tarnish less than Sterling Silver, and not so rapidly (you may find some jewelry-makers claiming that fine silver items are not prone to tarnish at all - this is simply not true. Pure silver, unless it is lacquer-coated or specially treated, is subject to tarnishing, especially in the humid environment, mostly due to the presence of sulphur in the air. See my Jewelry Care link for the Fine Silver Jewelry Care advice).
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4. How do you achieve "rainbow" effect?
I apply a special, controlled tarnishing procedure to create a multi-layered patina coat on the surface of a silver piece.

5. Who is your photographer? back to top
My husband is (Thanks, hubby!)

6. Who is your web and graphic designer?
I hired myself! (I am a free-lancer web and multimedia designer. If you need help with web-site design, business cards, flyers and promotional materials, catalogues etc - please feel free to contact me).

back to top 7. I'm interested in buying 6 (SIX) identical pendants for my employees. Can you do that?
All my creations are either "one-of-a-kind" or "limited edition". I can re-create some of my pieces, but they will never be factory- identical (as they are all handmade).

8. Do you do reparation / alteration work? back to top
No, I don't.

9. How long does it usually take to complete a custom order?
It depends on the piece you have chosen: I may need from 3 days to 2 weeks to complete a custom order. Please contact me if you have a deadline to meet (a birthday gift, etc), and I will do my best to make it on time.

10. Do you believe in healing / magic properties of gemstones? back to top
Yes, I do.

11. Do you have a proof that Kabbalah or King Solomon talismans help in different aspects of life?
In my opinion, it is completely wrong to think "I will believe in that, only if I see the proof". Instead we should rather believe!
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12. Can you make a pendant using my own design?
If you can make a sketch, please send it to me, and we will discuss it. If you only have a idea, a dream - please try to describe it: I will then prepare a few sketches for your approval.

13. My favorite saying is "Anyway, tomorrow is another day". I would like it engraved in silver. Can you do it?
Yes, I can.back to top

14. Do you also make gold jewelry?
No, I don't. However, in some of my creations I use 24k-gold coatings.

15. Do you work with natural gemstones only, or you can also incorporate glass in your creations? I'm a big fan of Murano glass.
At the moment I only work with Gemstones - Fine Silver combination.
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16. Do you have a shop?
No, I don't have a brick-and-mortar shop. I sell my jewelry on the web, as well as at jewelry parties and shows. I also have my displays in several boutiques in Montreal.